Always forward

Too often it is easy in the pursuit of a dream to hit a snag, and to let that snag envelop you, consume you, and kill your dreams.

When OVROUT first launched, we were making kids clothing with a grand vision in mind, and no direction. We had hustle, determination, and content that did not reflect our product offering. Months went by with no sales, and it ate at us. 

What were we doing wrong? Did OVROUT suck? It took a break even analysis in an MBA class one night to put it into perspective. A long hard look in the mirror followed, and we pivoted to where we are now.

Had we let our initial failure consume us, we would not be where we are now, making plans and dreaming of our future. 

You have a choice in this pursuit of your dreams, do you fold or do you keep pushing? 

Always forward, long live the hustle, long live your dreams. 


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