Trust the process, embrace failure. Be real. Don’t bullshit. Stay true to you..Part III

Embrace Failure.

What? What is wrong with you? Why would you do that? Because. Because you learn more from failure than you do from the wins. When you fail, especially when you fail big, you learn from that failure. You swallow that pain, you eat that bitterness and pain every day while you grow. And then, you turn around and knock your next challenge out of the park.

While failure is not pleasant, I think a lot of people avoid it because it is so unsettling. When you fail, you begin to question your abilities, your talents, your character itself. But, then something else happens. That pain pushes and motivates you to grow. And then, your suddenly healing, growing again. Fueled by pain, you tackle that next challenge headfirst. 

I have failed so many things in my life, here is a list of some of them below:

Insurance sales as my first business

College the first time around

Numerous relationships the first time in college

High school wrestling Junior year, I lost a critical match during our meet.

Track in high school, I lost the 100m sprint multiple times.

In the Army I failed EIB numerous times,

I failed to become a Green Beret,

I failed to be the best team leader possible,

And after the Army I failed to sit for the Project Mgmt. Professional certification despite spending hours studying it

I failed an MBA class because I overloaded myself and could not turn in the final paper in time.


These are just a few of the failures I have had over my life so far. From each failure I have grown, learned, and used them as fuel to succeed and reach a new stage of life. 

So the next time you want to go after it, and get that dream but the thought of failure scares you..don't let it. Embrace that fear, and push forward.



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  • Monica

    love this! To me this was vulnerability and strength at the same time.

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