The Hustle to build the American dream

The hustle is one of the most rewarding things you will ever go through. You will be challenged by everyone around you and often yourself. You will find in a short amount of time what your strengths and weakness are. But why go through all of this?  Why pursue the American dream? Especially in an over saturated market with little to no idea on how to do it? Why? Here’s the why- This is a hard question to answer without background. Back in December my father passed at the Young age of 53. He made poor life choices as far as food and health. During my time in the military I have fully engulfed myself into functional  fitness, nutrition and sports. But just because I engulfed myself, that's not enough.

The true reason why - YOU! I want to help people. I know there are a million people like me, but not one of them is ME. I’m a flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. I bring sugar spice and nothing nice to the table when needed. I saw a gap. A gap that my peers were complaining about. The lack of a complete fitness program that was all inclusive but had more of a tactical feel.

How did this start- this idea started as a pivot from my current career. In 2012 I had decided I wanted to own my own gym. I spent the next 3 years researching and working in the industry. Figuring out everything you can imagine, I have a 44 page business plan ready to go. I knew where my financing was coming from. I thought I knew it all. I DIDN'T KNOW A DAMN THING.  You see what I forgot, what I lost touch with was the hustle. Fast forward to 2015 and I was approached to buy a gym from a current owner. After considering this offer, I declined. It’s everything I didn’t want. I wanted my name, my mark. I wanted this to be me. I wanted more than what that could give me. I continued to coach, study more and more about business. I would spend hours listening to podcast on how the fitness industry is evolving. I was listening. I shut my mouth and opened my eyes. I finally heard people.

 My peers would come to PT with a pre-made plan they bought off the internet because the model was fit looking and the workouts looked rough. Now, seeing this go on for nearly the last 15 or so years, it’s frustrating. I was taking time to program fitness for guys who asked. It was a start. Over the course of the next few months I revisited my old business plan. The logos I had made. I became so mad when I saw people thriving in the space who were offering nothing more than a copy paste solution. I needed to figure out my why. I did. If you know me personally you’ll know I love sports and admire what athletes do. But do you know who I aspired to emulate? The coaches that got them there. That’s when this began. I figured out my why and what I wanted to be.

 Now the how. I started at the how almost a millions times a day. My phone. Social media. I began to research the big names in remote fitness. Looking at their websites, subscribing for a few months and seeing what I liked and didn’t like. Then it hit me. “There is no perfect time to start, just do it.”  So what did I do? I started it. And as I go on day by day I learn and re adjust. I hustle. I grind. I stay up late, wake up early and make sure I’m missing nothing along the way. 

This grind isn’t for everyone. This hustle will eat you up if you don’t keep pushing toward that dream. The American dream. The dream of creating something from literally nothing. Chase your dreams and hustle everyday until you get there. WE ARE THE AMERICAN DREAM

-SBF Performance

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