Sometimes you miss the simplicity of it. The harder the suck the better the relief, the happiness, the sweet sensation of adrenaline, sadness, happiness, all rolled into one. Oh, how sweet it is. Was. It was a time of one-track mindedness, like a missile honing in on its prey. Now, fifty paths converge into one and you must choose the right one. The stakes have decreased as they are no longer life and death, but now amplified as there is no safety net. Where did it all go? You blinked as you look around, wondering where you go from here. What now? On ward motherfucker. Head up, tighten those proverbial ruck straps, and give them hell.



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  • Mr.paidinfull

    No freebies how copy – you men are excellent examples of true Patriots I am proud to be associated with you and pleased to support many blessings to you and yours #tinmanapproves

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