New Years 20s Again

 Editors note:

The purpose of these blog posts is to showcase peoples journey towards building their dreams. If you want to submit something, email us. These posts show the mindsets, the struggles both good and bad. You never know where life takes you, what matters most is that you get at it and put that effort forwards to growing. This is the latest entry from Dalton, and what hes working on this year goal wise to grow. BUILD YOUR DREAMS

So round two not much of anything has changed as far as my never ending pursuit of endless grinding to accomplish bigger and better things. Still here grinding in this hamster wheel day in day out, along with all the other hamsters in the corporate world. Watching these big wigs make repetitive mistakes over and over again cause no ones wants to ruffle feathers. Being  complacent, is mind numbing to say the least. Its okay though they'll tell me about the problems, I'll give the solution to the problem and 6 months later they'll figure out the solutions which is what I said originally.  Now I'm not the smartest in the room by any means but its common sense shit. Like hey that new guy you just hired is making Rick Flair sounds and flipped off the wall he's definitely unstable and we will end up in the news. 6 months later he gets fired for work place threats at yours truly. We didn't end up in the news so I guess I was wrong with about that.

Here in a few days it'll be 2020 the 20s are back so thats cool and well 1/5/20 I will be 29 so Im at the end of my 20s let the excitement ravish on that announcement. Wooooo! The holidays were decent though everyone's baby moms showed up no one died or got chased around the yard with knife so all is well there. My grandfather did say he wanted to call this one women up he still has on the hook... That was epic considering he's in his 80s. I guess those genes run harder in my family then I realized.  But as far as 2020 goes Ima flow with it this year see were I can move around inside the company just to learn all I can. Collect money and help get the Mrs through nursing school financially is my biggest goals this year and put her goals at the top of the list because she has dreams of accomplishing her child hood goals of becoming a nurse. Side note I've had had to stretch my sciatica nerve out twice in two paragraphs, so I'm investing in my future also because I'm going to need a nurse at the rate my body keeps breaking down. I have been looking into small business ideas and helping friends with theirs though so just have to be patient and know when to play my cards and not get over my head yet..... 

I'm not into the new year new me though because I start new things all year long.  I do enjoy peoples corny memes of new year new me, I get a chuckle on those. Personally I can't wait for the beginning of year to start something new, I am way to impatient for that, hell most of the time I can't wait until the morning time to start something new. So this year, I will continue to learn and make tweaks and changes on the fly, and try to grow and help others grow because it goes hand in hand. I'm very interested to be a part of, like all of us are part of OVROUT and see how things grow. I think Ill keep it short and sweet and wish everyone a great New Years, make some good decisions, hell make some bad ones might as well have some good stories to tell when your old just keep that hustle going though. 


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