New Year, Same Shit

“New Year, New Me” the same cliche, empty phrase that is often parroted by empty people. You can see it everywhere, people brag about making “big moves” but will stutter if you ask them what they’ve done lately to further their dreams and make them into reality. This new year, change it up, hustle harder than you ever did before. Make one significant step toward a life goal. Do you want to lose weight? Make more time for the gym and less time for social media. Do you want that promotion at work? Identify your weaknesses and seek self improvement. No matter the end result, the best first step is identifying your goal and the steps you need to take in order to make it happen. Life is full of distractions, setbacks and walls that need to be broken if you want to succeed. 

This years theme for me is all about self improvement. Self improvement can be as small as eating healthier or as demanding as learning a new skill. 2020 for me, involves both of those things. I take my physical fitness very seriously but my diet… you can tell I enjoy the occasional chicken tendie or 20. I know exactly what I need to eat in order to achieve the goals I have in mind for my physical fitness. The challenge will just be holding myself accountable and using the nutrition knowledge that I already have to better myself. Small steps toward a better you can be a long process but the results pay out dividends you wouldn’t imagine.

You can spend your whole life walking on water and people will say it’s because you don’t know how to swim. You know what I say? Fuck em. The only person you should ever try to be better than is the person you were yesterday. That has been my motto for all of 2019 despite it being one of the most difficult years of my life. I have loved, lost and made some amazing friendships with so many people that I never thought would be possible. 

This year I want you to crush every opportunity that comes your way, I know I will.



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