Making your mark/The hustle is a state of mind

What does the hustle is a state of mind mean to you?

For us, it is a giving of one's self to an idea, and committing to it day in and day out. On the days you don't want to, you still have to put in that work, your dreams don't build themselves. Tenacity, audacity, hard work, and perseverance.  You have a dream? Good! Now go execute it. But, remember that this world is a hard one at times, and your dreams require consistent action and commitment. Wake up, that dream is on your mind, eat, hustle, sleep its on your mind, repeat. Make your mark. In this world full of get rich quick bullshit, overnight celebs, people famous for nothing, its easy to be swallowed up and forgotten. Are you waiting on that promotion at work? Patiently waiting, doing your work, thinking that will get you promoted. Wrong. Take initiative. Let them know, hey I want my shot and here is why and what I have done. You want to make people remember you, and to feel it in their soul when they think of your brand, company, business, or performance.

Below is an excerpt from an email to a young student interested in starting their own business, and is a prime example of leaving your mark and embodying the hustle as a state of mind. 

"This is an amazing path, that is often times lonely and complicated as well. My advice to you is, if you really want to do it, do it. It is the most rewarding thing, and there is nothing like building your dreams. Understand that when you start, you will suck at whatever you are doing, and that is ok. But consistent hard work, refining, improving and learning will help you to grow. As for your business, figure out what you want to do, and go from there. If you love it, you will not mind doing it. The idea will come. Research it. Figure out how to do it. A successful entrepreneur finds a way when there isn’t one. Use resources, build networks and connect. Be patient. None of this happens overnight, and avoid the get rich quick look at me in 12 months I am a millionaire assholes. They are all fake, and they make money selling you programs that push you to buy more programs. In reality, they haven’t done shit. Stay in school and learn. Always push yourself to grow and learn from your journey. Don’t give up when its hard or you fail. In addition, have a source of income while you build your dreams. Otherwise when the money isn’t coming in, it will frustrate you and you will quit."

Never stop moving forward, never stop hustling. Long live the hustle, long live your dreams.

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