In the darkness of the night, a short story


In the darkness of the night, with the crickets chirping and the trees swaying, we crept towards the objective. As we got closer, the warning we received before we left crept back into my mind. Hey opfor is comprised of old Vietnam era Green Berets who will beat the shit out of you for fun if they capture you. Roger that. Coming closer to the target, we crept under a farmer’s fence and crossed his property before arriving to the target area. We could see the objective’s roving patrols and their spot lights clear as day. Maybe they will take it easy on me if they capture me, since I’m just a Guerilla, I think. Our mission was to establish a hide site and observe a compound where one highly intelligent future Green Beret officer managed to get himself captured by going out on meetings by himself in the radical world of Pineland. As we crept closer, the dry dead foliage snapped and betrayed the movements underneath our feet. Heaven help you if you farted, that twig you were trying to avoid was going to break, never mind it was 3 feet away from you. We stopped, as we were at the base of a hill with a line of site to the objective, and we needed to move to cover. Suddenly, we collectively looked left as a cow we will call Bessy stared at us. FUCK. She licked her lips, cocked her head and proceeded to go MOOOOOOOOOOOOO louder than anything I had ever heard in my life. Fuck you, you fucking bitch cow! That’s it, that’s the end for the Robin Sage students, and goodbye to any thoughts I had of not getting the shit beat out of me tonight. We held our breath and hugged the dirt trying to become as invisible as possible as every search light came over us. I felt like a kid again playing hide and seek with the neighborhood kids, only this was much more serious. After an eternity, the spotlights left our area and we crept into the wood line and disappeared into our patrol base.

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