Its a dirty word. Those without it fight an internal battle proving to themselves why things don’t work out, and those with it spend the days they slack off a bit in their mind telling themselves they lack it. If you ever served, that was something you never wanted to be told about your actions or self.

So what does it mean? To me, it means holding yourself accountable on the days you tell yourself you don’t feel like it, when there are things to be done. I will give you an example. 

Flashback to 2008, and I am an insurance salesman, with a life and health license. I was my own boss due to a friend hooking me up with General agent contracts. I got business cards, made a Facebook page and a blog, and wrote some articles. Made a few phone calls, wrote a few policies, and suddenly believed that I was going to be an overnight success. Except I forgot one key ingredient...discipline! 

You see I assumed the customers would be calling me nonstop, beating my door down and wanting to see me. Pretty stupid huh? But when you are younger and do not do the consistent hard work required to move forward, day in and day out, that is what you get. 

So fast forward less than a year later, and I had failed miserably. But, out of that failure I learned a lot of things. Like when you first make money in a new business, keep it in the bank account. Don’t go pulling it out, assuming you will be balling out like that $3,000 plus check every month. Or, that you can do a bit of heavy lifting on the front end, and then sit back and wait for the money to roll in just because it is you. 

Fast forward a few years later, and in my first Outside sales role post Army I am working from 6 to 6 at night on the road, and then several hours at night doing paperwork, school for my Masters, and packing orders for OVROUT. Did I mention I have a son and a wife at home as well? To say I was exhausted after a few months is an understatement, but the discipline to drive on because i saw my vision before me eyes was what kept me going. I don’t share this to gloat, but to let you know that if you believe in your dream, when the motivation fades that discipline will keep you going to make it happen.

So don’t give up, and keep building your dreams!




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