An Airborne poem


The warm red glow of the light, shattered by a scream

A picturesque view from 1200 ft, shattered by the step into the void


The picturesque view, is replaced by your own world of being on tumble dry

Quietness, SNAP as your chute opens, and your body is jerked back

A view unlike you have ever experienced, broken by the sudden approach of the ground

Tension with a slight peace, bracing for the landing, ahh its not too bad, WHAM you bounce off of the earth

The euphoria of knowing your alive and in one piece, snapped away from you as your chute catches air and begins to drag you


Lost in beauty of the lush green grass, bam! A rucksack from the other jumper lands where you were looking

The silk of the canopy dancing in the breeze, as you struggle to stuff your parachute into your bag

The sensation of feeling free and being able to stretch your legs, before the crushing weight of the rucksack and parachute double you over

Water, the taste so sweet and refreshing, before it all sweats out of your pours

To be free as the air, you can have it after you run the half-mile to the collection point


The sweet sensation of dropping your rucksack, and feeling like you can float away, shattered by the dampness you experience

The promise of returning home to enjoy the weekend, broken by bad news

The sun lingers overhead, not a moment longer than it needs to

Taps, the sweet song of rest, as you work to find a lost parachute


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