Always forward part 2

In May of this year we wrote a blog post called always forward, where we touched on failure and how to keep going.

With 2020 being as insane as it has been, we figured it would be good to revisit that post. 

In that post, we talked about how OVROUT was struggling initially, and after conducting a break even analysis we pivoted to where we are today, and heading. Sometimes, when things don’t work out due to any number of reasons, it helps to take an analysis and conduct your own pivot. With COVID, the economy, politics, and more it is an accomplishment to make it through 2020 sane. 

So we ask, are you pivoting internally? Maybe some of the stuff you prioritized, or held as important previously is no longer that important. Have you taken stock of what matters, what brings you happiness, and what brings you closer to your dreams? 

For OVROUT, that has meant educating people on our journey and our struggles so far, and sharing what has and has not worked with those wanting to start a business, or pursue their own dreams. We want to continue to grow our community of like minded people who are passionate about their dreams and making them real.

So if that means sharing stories of our failures, like not properly planning for taxes due one quarter, or falling short on sales to cover expenses, then we will gladly do so. As always, we will continue to put out more information on useful resources like the SBA, the macro of economics, and more useful tidbits along the way. Long live the hustle, long live your dreams. 


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